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Step 1:

Have you read Book 1 yet?

Book I, Modules 1-4 are made available to both members and non-members of WHAG. Its literature provides introductory information about our goals, organization, and general guidelines about Hypertension prevention. If you haven’t already explored Book I, click here

Step 2:

What’s your occupation?

Are you a community health worker, doctor, or nurse? Are you affected by or have a loved one dealing with Hypertension and would like to learn more about it? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this may be a good fit for you. Click the button below to sign up



Visit our Resources page for content on Hypertension, how to accurately measure blood pressure in addition to resources and information from The World Health Organization and The National Institute of Health. 

Access to more volumes

Members get access to original documentation beyond Book 1. Follow along on Dr. Kenerson’s journey on education the world on Hypertension. 

Peer discussions

The Colleagues im Care/ World Hypertension Action Group Website features a social networking feature. Join to engage with other members, get feedback, and learn…


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Download Original Source Material


Book 1

Access to Book 1 for EVERYONE

How to take a BP

Visual and Video resources on accurate BP Measurement