Almost There…

These personal stories represent our motivation, and why we are so passionate about what we do, especially focused on hypertension, stroke and families. Our efforts are dedicated to our families, those families in Haiti, and their affected brothers and sisters worldwide. It is all with the recognition that though the burden of grief for stroke mortality is a family and community experience, the major burden of stroke morbidity is borne by families and caregivers, as well as the stroke survivor. This is especially the case in areas of low-resource without rehabilitation services. Hypertension is described as the silent killer. In reality, it is so much more, and the carnage is very real.

It is our passion to alleviate suffering from stroke by controlling hypertension in the community, and supporting healthy families. That is what this whole comprehensive effort is about, and we hope you will share that passion. We hope you will share our optimism and enthusiasm for the large effort to have a positive impact on families worldwide, manifest as the avoidance of preventable suffering.

This is also why we continue to tell the family story using coloring books for children. It is factual family folklore in areas with high levels of illiteracy because that is where the real prevention intervention will take place for future generations! The data has clearly shown that knowledge of stroke risk factors and warning signs are most limited in older adults (>65 years), with low levels of education, and people living in rural areas. Culturally appropriate learning about hypertension and stroke is a game the whole family can play!